Wednesday, December 9, 2009

this chickadee (she loves you)

[This is one post in a series of twelve posts designed to feature a wildly creative and exciting group of crafters and artisans. Please take a moment to visit the shop featured in this post and all the shops featured on the left and right hand sidebars of my blog. You'll have the opportunity to learn about two fabulous shops a week - just in time to get all of your holiday shopping done. Enjoy!]

Nothing will tug my heartstrings more than a person who mentions their grandmother when asked about their crafty inspiration. If you've followed this blog for a while, you know that I credit my mother and my grandmother, Nanny, with just about every ounce of creativity and crafty impulse in my body. And more than that, honoring craft as it was is one of my most important focuses as a member and critic of the craft scene. Our foremothers (and fathers) made craft not just because there was a need for something beautiful or unusual, but because every piece they created served a purpose. Hand carved spindles on a bedframe, basketweave seats on the kitchen chairs, socks knitted up to warm your tootsies, and paper made to write letters to your beloved. Craft with a purpose...that's what I like.

Though the woman behind the needles, thread and buckets full of vintage and repurposed fabric has morphed into a very dear friend, the fact remains that Becky of this chickadee is a crafty inspiration. In her little nest just outside the nation's capital, chickadee puts together the things that turn a house into a home. From coasters to placemats to full and half size aprons, your home will be appointed in vintage and homegrown comfort. For those on the go but with a penchant for some knittin' sticks and a skein of scrumptious yarn, chickadee offers the popular and utilitarian knitalong bags, designed to keep your project portable yet fancy (also available locally at Fibre Space). My personal favorite chickadee creation is the wanderlust wallet. My mother was never a purse kind of gal, opting to carry everything she needed in a wallet that she could easily tuck into her pocket, and ideally something that held keys. It's as though chickadee and my mom communicated before we ever met to create this perfectly organized masterpiece. And for the person, like me, who prefers to carry a metric ton of fine pens and pencils wherever they go, chickadee has portable pockets in a myriad of colors and patterns.

This Chickadee blogs regularly at a little spot on the web with the same name as her crafty empire, wowing her readers with new creations and inspiration close to everyday. A skilled and obsessed knitter, she also shares her trials and tribulations with some of the most inspiring and gorgeous hats, shawls and blankets I've ever seen. A committed patron of craft, she can be found knitting up yarn from a number of local and national spinners (including Neighborhood Fiber Co.). She has presented at Hello Craft's Summit of Awesome, is incredibly active in the mid-Atlantic craft show circuit, was recently added to the Cosa Verde eco-friendly line up, and will even bike across the Potomac River to visit a friend under a tent at a gay pride festival (but only if Elton John is available, too). She is funny and sweet, sincere and inspirational, and an incredible friend. Her craft is all of those things and more.


  1. like a candle in the wind!

    thank you meaghan! this is lovely. i'm certainly a better person and crafter thanks to the likes of you.

  2. It's all true! You guys are what I miss about being in DC. But I'll see you at the Booty Mart!

  3. besides being a great crafter, she is a daugher extrodinaire......kind, helpful, loving....she makes the world a better place with her pretty smile! i'm happy to hear your mother loves her wallet too....they are just the handiest thing.

  4. Steve says ...

    Her Dad loves her and her work also!

  5. OMG! I heart This Chickadee's stuff!

  6. Miss Chickadee (as she's called in my house) is fabulous! Thanks so much for the lovely little write-up about her. :)

  7. i heart all of you!

    this chickadee llc and its subsidiaries are required by law to certify that these are real parents and crafters, not paid actors


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