Monday, February 1, 2010

Say goodnight, Gracie.

Two and a half years ago, I started this blog. It's been a labor of love, annoyance, pleasure and obligation. Over the past six months I've struggled to feel connected to it and to enjoy it in the way I should. Because I don't do this for money (something I'm rather adamant about), I'm very clear about the fact that this needs to be something I love doing above all else. I've written some provocative posts, tried to support the indie craft community as best I can, and talked about why being queer and domestic was so important to me. I was called upon for an article in the now-defunct Washington Blade about the upswing in queer domesticity and cupcake-bakery and I've got a number of friends introducing me to new people as "the gay housewife".

With all of this wonderful stuff has also come many challenges. I feel like I can't be as personal as I'd like here, which is disappointing, and I feel like many readers are reluctant to visit because of the URL. I use Twitter almost religiously at this point and I've found that the 140 character limit has been, well, limiting of late. I need more space to just be me - any amalgam of Meaghan that desires to be out that day. Over the past year, I also created two separate blogs to give me space to write as I needed to - political or personal.

So, I created Right now it's a bare bones blog but I am working to integrate a new design theme to the site and, and as any Leo would, make it all about me and not necessarily about anyone else. I've integrated my favorite posts from Queering Domesticity, Call Me Ashby and Heirloom Tomato into the blog already. QD posts will still be available to the public whereas the other two blogs have been closed down. I will continue posting recipes, sharing neat crafty finds, providing updates about my crafty biz, talking about what interests me in the news and in life, and not imposing any content rules or regulations on myself. I hope that QD readers will follow me over there, and I thank you for being a part of and helping me along this journey thus far.



  1. oh meaghan. i'm sad to hear this, because i do love queering domesticity, but i'm super excited to hear about the new site. yay for being yourself! ;) it's funny though, isn't it? i feel the same way about my blog and being personal. originally i invisioned it as purely crafty, no politics or anything. that got old, and i've started to post more personal stuff, but i've also started to get negative feedback about that. blegh. i'm never going to make everyone happy, so instead i'll just make myself happy.

  2. I just found this blog, several months too late. I am glad you left it up, I am enjoying it.

  3. As a queer I found this blog through essentially searching for your title (which I think is great). I am sad to hear some people are turned away from it but know other people come here just because of it (and stay because your blog is lovely). I am just starting up my own blog and site with my creations personal stuff and my politics, it is blogs like this one which have encouraged me to do so x


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