Hey There!

Thanks for coming by Queering Domesticity. This place is kind of like my home, home-on-the-web (although, there are no deer or antelope playing, that I know of), and it is very reminiscent of my real home: small, mish-mash and cozy. Many friends of mine joke that I'm The Gay Housewife as I have a strong penchant for all things domestic. I'm an avid crafter, ritualistic baker, now-and-then cook and overall homemaking nut!

When Blogger asked me to create a little profile for myself, here is what I wrote:
I'm an enigma wrapped up in a flaky pastry dough drizzled with a delicious berry reduction. But for reals...I'm a hip sister from DC with a penchant for crafts, baking, blogging and Hank Williams, Jr. (but not in a Republican-loving sense, for damn sure).
I've also written a post about my version of domesticity, and why I call it "queer" - click here.

Those two sentences couldn't be more accurate! I'm excited that you stopped by QD. Why don't y'all sit a spell, and I'll bake you up something really delicious!

Have any questions about my blog, my crafts or myself? E-mail me!
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